How to use the Egyptian Treasures in Europe cd-roms in Linux

With a little bit of time, you can get this nice series of cd-roms running in Linux too. You will need wine, a application to run Windows-applications in Linux. You can install this package using your distribution's graphical package manager or using the commandline variant, e.g. in Ubuntu:

sudo apt-get install wine

Note: if you're running a Debian-based distribution (such as Ubuntu) we recommend you use the latest Wine-version from the WineHQ outlink-repository. Most distributions still have older versions in their repositories, and you're likely to have more problems with older versions.

Run the installer from the cd-rom

Run the installer from the cd-rom:

wine /media/cdrom0/treasures.exe

(enter this in a terminal window or in the window you get after hitting alt-F2)

The installer will also install Quicktime (version 3.0.2) if you've not yet installed Quicktime in your Wine-installation.

However, the installer application seemed to hang when the progress bar was at about 95% (when the installer tried to create Windows-shortcuts). Because the installer runs in fullscreen-modus (while only using a 800x600 portion of it) and hitting alt-tab didn't let us select another window on the same desktop, you have to switch to another desktop by using the shortcut alt-right arrow. There, you can force the installer to quit with some commandline magic. This command will give a list of all applications currently running in wine:

ps ax | grep 'c:\\'

Then use the following command and add at the end of the line all numbers which appeared in the first column of the previous command:

sudo kill -9 

(e.g. sudo kill -9 6667 6671 6796, be aware that these numbers will certainly not be the same on your system!)

Allthough we forced the installer to quit, the installation seems to be complete (after all, we interrupted the installer at the end, while only the shortcuts remained to be installed). You can now launch the cd-rom using the same command as in our first step:

wine /media/cdrom0/treasures.exe

Here are some screenshots of the application:


The main search window

Information about an object

If you want to make a shortcut to this application and don't know how to do that, here's an how-to for Gnome, KDE and Xfce. For the application icon, you can use one of the images at /media/cdrom0/files/images/listthumb. For vol. 2 of the series, you can use brussels.jpg. Be sure to copy this image to your harddisk, otherwise you won't see it if the cd-rom is not in your cd-romdrive:

sudo cp /media/cdrom0/files/images/listthumb/brussels.jpg /usr/share/pixmaps/

That's it! Most parts of the cd-rom will work, but read on for some useful tweaks to get the most out of it...


  • Initially, sound didn't work under wine, so we couldn't use the "Guides"-section of the cd-rom. In this case, starting the application from a terminal window can be interesting, as this will output a lot of error messages from wine (most of them can be ignored however). We got an error message about the sound device suggesting the following solution: "Please run winecfg, open "Audio" page and set "Hardware Acceleration" to "Emulation"". You can run winecfg by entering its name in a terminal window or you can find it -at least in XFCE- in "Applications" > "Wine" > "Wine Configuration". After we did what the error message said, the sound in the "Guides"-section did work.
  • It's quite annoying that the application runs fullscreen, but doesn't make good use of the available screen size in resolutions higher than 800x600. This way, it can be difficult to switch between the cd-rom and other applications, e.g. if you're working on a text document and need to copy information from the cd-rom. To solution is to instruct wine to run in a window of only 800x600 pixels. In winecfg, go to the "Graphics" page, check "Emulate a virtual desktop" and enter the desired resolution (for this cd-rom, 800x600 is enough).

As you can see in the screenshot below, the cd-rom doesn't run fullscreen anymore, but behaves like any other application window:

The application in a wine window

Currently unresolved issues

  • The "print" function doesn't work, but I suppose it could work if you try to install Windows-drivers for your printer in Wine. We haven't yet tried this out.
  • The Quicktime Virtual Reality movies (e.g. in the "Views" and "Glossary" sections") don't work as they should. You can view the QTVR-movies, but then the rest of the screen turns black (even the navigation menu at the top of the screen disappears), so the cd-rom becomes useless. You need to quit the application (which can be quite difficult) and restart the cd-rom if you want to solve this problem. For now, you can better avoid the QTVR-movies. Fortunately the database of objects -the most interesting part of the cd-rom- doens't use QTVR movies.

Tested (vol. 2) in:

  • Xubuntu (7.04)