How to install Hieropreter in Linux

Download and unpack Hieropreter:


Make the script to launch Hieropreter executable:

cd hieropreter
chmod +x

Now you can launch Hieropreter from this directory:


The script to launch Hieropreter doesn't work if you don't start it in Hieropreter's directory. This means that, after copying Hieropreter to a system directory, you cannot launch Hieropreter by using a command like /usr/local/hieropreter/, but you have to do a "cd" to that directory first (cd /usr/local/hieropreter; ./ Therefore, we will modify the script a bit and we'll rename it to "hieropreter". After this, we will install Hieropreter in a system directory where applications should be installed. For Ubuntu, this is a good choice:


Modify the script:

echo '#!/bin/bash' > hieropreter
echo "cd ${INSTDIR}hieropreter/" >> hieropreter
cat >> hieropreter
chmod +x hieropreter

Now copy the hieropreter-directory to the location $INSTDIR:

cd ..
sudo cp -r hieropreter/ $INSTDIR

Finally, if you add the directory where you installed Hieropreter to the $PATH-variable, you can launch Hieropreter from any directory. If you don't know how to this, read Customizing_your_PATH. If you have set up your $PATH correctly, you can launch Hieropreter just by entering its name in a terminal window:


Of course, you can make a shortcut (in Gnome, KDE or Xfce) for Hieropreter if you don't want to use the terminal to start the application. Unfortunately, Hieropreter doesn't come with a nice icon to use, although you could use any of the hieroglyphs in the directory "/usr/local/hieropreter/images/".

Tested (version 4.0.1) in:

  • Ubuntu (6.10)