How to install res2image in Linux

To install res2image, you can follow the detailed installation instructions given at the res2image website outlink. However, we've also listed them here, including some useful tips for people using Ubuntu.

Note that you need the gcc-compiler and some other tools (e.g. make) to install RES. Some Linux-distributions don't install them by default. In Ubuntu, you still need to install the tools:

sudo apt-get install build-essential

Choose a directory where you want to install res2image. For Ubuntu, you can use:


If you have gcc and all other tools needed to compile RES, you can install RES this way:

tar -xvzf res.tar.gz
cd RES/; make fresh
cd ..
sudo cp -r RES/ $INSTDIR
echo '#!/bin/bash' > res2image
echo "${INSTDIR}res2image "$@"" >> res2image
chmod +x res2image
sudo mv res2image $BINDIR
rm -r res.tar.gz RES/

That's it!

Tested (version 0.3) in:

  • Ubuntu (6.10)