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How to install HieroTex on Mac OS X (troubleshooting)

Below is a list of some common errors that might occur if you’ve tried to install HieroTex and it doesn’t seem to work:

Error message in Terminal: -bash: sesh: command not found (e.g.)

This means: the application (e.g. sesh) can’t be found because it’s not located in a directory included in bash’s internal $PATH-variable.

Solution: both sesh and htx2tex (and any application installed by Fink) are located in /sw/bin. So if you replace sesh with /sw/bin/sesh, it will work. You can add the /sw/bin directory to the $PATH-variable so that in the future, you do not have to type the full path again (/sw/bin/sesh), but sesh can be launched just by typing sesh in a Terminal window. This is how you can do this:

  1. open a Terminal window and type: open -a TextEdit ~/.profile (or .bash_profile instead of .profile if that doesn’t work)
  2. add the following line to the textfile: export PATH=/sw/bin:$PATH
  3. save the file and restart the Terminal-application. Now you can launch sesh just by typing it’s name ;-)

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